Abstract Submission Guidelines
Please prepare your abstract according to the topics EUVL and FEBIP and the following guidelines below.

The scope of the conference is to bring the ELENA training network together with the international scientific community working with focused electron beams as a tool for direct nanofabrication, through gas-assisted deposition and etching and the scientific community working on extreme ultraviolet lithography as a tool for nano patterning through the interaction between low-energy electrons and soft matter. The scientific program will focus on the fundamental aspects of electron-matter interaction, material design and processes, on the recent advances and applications of the techniques.

EUVL (Extreme Ultraviolet lithography): resist and underlayer fundamentals, process reactions, light-matter interaction, condensed matter physics and X-ray spectroscopies applied to lithographic materials, process and patterning, new materials and EUV applications in the semiconductor industry.

FEBIP (Focused Electron Beam Induced Processing): electron/molecule interaction, precursor design, patterning, modeling of deposition and etching processes, electron microscopy and engineering (FEBIP related), deposition and etching fundamentals, new FEBIP materials and methods, purification, characterization, 3D FEBID fundamentals & applications.


Step 1
Each abstract should be a single page in length (including figures). The abstract must be submitted by e-mail as an Adobe PDF file created from the MSWord Template below.

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Step 2
Please click the Submit Abstract button below and attach your abstract as a PDF file.
In the e-mail subject line please type in ELENA 2019 Abstract Submission.
In the e-mail body please include your chosen topic: EUVL or FEBIP and preference (oral or poster).
If you are a student, please indicate that as well.

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